About Us


Craftsmanship has seemed to be a thing of the past. We believe that we can carry on the tradition of good, quality design and work with that as our focus - craftsmanship. There’s providing work on an agreed upon budget and then there’s cutting corners. There’s getting what you pay for and then there’s giving the best quality we can for the budget that’s been set forth. Our goal is to inform our clients on best practices and methods so they are able to make the decisions that will work best for their circumstances.

Setting The Standard

Carpenter at Work

The Process

Having work done on your home or building can be overwhelming and stressful.  Who do I call? How do I know that the work being done is to code? What if I don’t like the tile options at Lowes? The nuances of construction can be daunting. Working to inform our clients on not only best practices, but the steps from start to finish and everyone’s role in the process is imperative. Doing our best to set expectations and limit “surprises” can be the difference in a successful, completed project. You want someone looking out for you and your interest, not someone who will beat you up with change orders. Unexpected factors are an inherent part of construction. Having someone who can inform you ahead of time of those potential unforeseen factors rather than someone who will capitalize on them at your expense is what you want. Being informed so that you can feel comfortable with endeavoring into a project is the goal.

Glazier During Work

The Guarantee

Not only are we licensed, insured and bonded but we warranty our work. Let's be honest, everyone makes mistakes. If that happens, we'll make it right per industry standards. Guaranteed.